Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Photos from my first exibition

Hello,, during my first exibition I got to show my paintings to about 170 people! it was great to show them,,, and alot of work with the frames before it... I was very satisfied with the 3 days even if I didn´t sell anything. thanks,, soon my new camera is coming

it felt alittle like a completion.. not like I will stop painting,, I have some really great ideas that I want to do... I also plan to seek a art-education... but I really need to put some energy in other things in my life,, my site will still be here, and my ideas will get reality... I´ts some really awesome ideas...... anyway... thickening agent is REEEALLY great,, check the last picture and smack it up to full size:

photographer: Lysa Ă–ster (Swedish page)

Colorful Energy Art

Monday, June 16, 2008

My latest paintings.... the white one also has a white border now

Friday, April 11, 2008

new paintings: Snow and Roses!

The "snow" serie is now just the white-brown one... I´m very satisfied with that one,, it hangs in my stairwell now, I hope my neighbours also like it!

This rose is my first commissioned work,, Angela said: make a rose for me,, I thought I wouldn´t make it! I don´t paint imaginative art, but it worked out!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New paintings and inspiration

I discover light colors and dirt in paintings,

<---a self-portrait in this

I also had to try to tare a canvas apart-->

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Inspiration from another artist...

And some photos with my cellphone...

I met an artist this weekend, an amazing man! He earned his living from painting without any education at all! I haven´t seen his homepage yet, because the ideas I got from speaking with him was enough! but you can watch it at Art See Ocean

He told me when painting in layers, to paint from dark to light instead,, and use a sandpapering machine to get to specific layers afterwords. He used about 7-8 layers in the paintings to get a texture..... So, I was really inspired and try different things now...

This painting is not finished, it´s 3 layers, black backround, gold and white, and a black layer on top, but it´s just the beginning!! there will be more light colors on this one later....

I have a 50 x 70 also working on at the same style but this is just a ground, it has about 5 layers, and much gold. I was not satisfied with the sandpapering process,, directly as I came through any colors, I came to the canvas,,,, I will buy a bottle today that makes the painting thicker. Then I will have a really thick black backround to sandpaper down to with my machine.

So I painted it all over again, at it will have more light colors later: