Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Photos from my first exibition

Hello,, during my first exibition I got to show my paintings to about 170 people! it was great to show them,,, and alot of work with the frames before it... I was very satisfied with the 3 days even if I didn´t sell anything. thanks,, soon my new camera is coming

it felt alittle like a completion.. not like I will stop painting,, I have some really great ideas that I want to do... I also plan to seek a art-education... but I really need to put some energy in other things in my life,, my site will still be here, and my ideas will get reality... I´ts some really awesome ideas...... anyway... thickening agent is REEEALLY great,, check the last picture and smack it up to full size:

photographer: Lysa Ă–ster (Swedish page)

Colorful Energy Art

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